Las Vegas Pool Party Dress Code

Men: Every Nightclub is more strict on men than women when it comes to dress code.


  • Button Down, Polo, or Designer T-Shirts

  • Slacks or Fitted Jeans w/ no holes

  • Blazer or Jackets

  • Suits

  • Dress shoes

Do Not:

  • Shorts

  • Basketball Shoes or Sneakers

  • Jerseys or Athletic Gear

  • Wife Beater Tank Tops

  • Sweats

  • Sandals or Flip Flops

  • Hats

Women: It is notoriously easier for women to get into Las Vegas Nightclubs.


  • Dresses or skirts

  • Pant Suits

  • High heels or Wedges

Do Not:

  • Athletic gear or Workout Shorts

  • Sweatpants or Warm-Ups

  • Flip flops