las vegas bottle service f.a.q.


what is bottle service?

Bottle Service is a commitment to purchase a minimum number of bottles to secure a private seating area where you and your group can sit down while enjoying a nightclub. This area is considered prime location. You will have a dedicated cocktail waitress, bar back, and security team.


Do i still have to wait in long lines to get inside the nightclub?

Buying Bottle Service will ensure that you and your group the quickest possible entry into the nightclub. Buying Bottle Service means that your entire groups entry into the nightclub is complimentary.


what is the cost for bottle service?

Bottle Service costs vary depending on the day of the week, and may fluctuate based on factors such as who the DJ is that night, Holidays & Special Events. Also, the closer you get to the dance floor, the more you should expect to spend.


Do i get to pick where my table will be located?

Your table location is dependent on your intended spend amount for the evening, the size of your group, and which tables have been sold in your price range. To ensure the best table location possible, book your table as early as you can. Keep in mind, during some events, Bottle Service tables may sell out.


Do i get to choose which bottles i want at my table?

Yes, every nightclub has a full menu with many options in each category of alcohol to choose from.


is it required to order an entire bottle?

Yes. It is generally required to purchase 1 bottle per four people.


Do mixers come with the bottles?

Yes, a wide variety of mixers are included in the price of Bottle Service. Mixers include: Cranberry juice, Coke, Soda Water, Tonic, Orange juice and Sprite to name a few. Keep in mind that energy drinks such as Red Bull are sold separate.


Does the size of my group make a difference?

Yes, the larger your group, the higher the minimum spend will be. Depending on the nightclub, groups over 15-20 people may be required to purchase two tables.


can i bring the bottles home with me if i don’t drink them all?

No. Any unconsumed alcohol must be left inside of the nightclub.


does the price include tip for the cocktail server?

No, the price of Bottle Service does not include gratuity for your server OR tax.