KAOS Nightclub located inside of the Palms Hotel is the bigger of the two nightclubs inside the Palms Hotel. It has a state-of-the-art sound and lighting system. When the velvet ropes part for you, you will join celebrities, Las Vegas nightlife aficionados and the most beautiful party people from all over the world for a night of luxury, class and style – with a special focus on hospitality and service that has set KAOS Nightclub apart from the rest.


KAOS was built with VIP tables in mind. The table areas are roped off with their own security staff so the general public does not have access to these VIP areas. Groups that get bottle service have the advantages of receiving their own table, areas to sit and dance, beautiful waitresses & wait staff. Also, bottle service reservations have a separate expedited entry into the club. 


Location: Palms Hotel

Nights Open: Friday, Saturday & Sunday

Music: EDM, Hip-Hop & Top 40

Dress Code: Very Strict for Men


Bank Nightclub bottle service view from a VIP bottle service table. VIP entry and Bottle service by unlock las vegas