f650 limo (Seats up to 28)

F650 Limo (Up to 28 Passengers)
from 165.36

Price includes all applicable fees, tax & 20% gratuity.

Hotel-to-Hotel transfers apply to rides that are 10 miles and 30 minutes max. Any overages will be charged the 1 hour rate.

All reservations are subject to availability

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Our F650 Limo is definitely a head turner. Most people have never seen a limo like it before in their life. When you step out of this luxurious limousine, people will want to see just who is stepping out.

This beautiful vehicle is perfectly suited for moving large groups of people around with ease. Sitting up to 28 passengers, our F650 Limo gets booked out for Bachelor Parties, Bachelorette Parties, Weddings, Nightclub Tours, Airport Arrivals and Hotel Transfers to name a few.

You’ll enjoy the state of the art comforts of a luxurious leather interior, flat screen TV’s, Premium Sound System, and fiber-optic neon lighting in this awesome vehicle.

Holding just as many passengers as our 28 Passenger Party Bus, you might find yourself needing something just a little bigger. If so, look into our 40 Passenger Party Bus.