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Former Super Bowl Champion Makes a Deep Run in the World Series of Poker


Known for his aggressive play on the field, former 3x Super Bowl Champion, Richard Seymour, proved those skills prove to be valuable in poker as well. Participating in the 2019 World Series of Pokers’ main event, Seymour came in 131st out of 8,569 players. This netted him $59,295, not bad for a weeks worth of work. His ultimate goal was to come in first place, which would have netted him $10 million dollars.

This finish was the highest out of any professional athlete in the events’ history. Since retiring in 2012, has netted more than $630,000 playing poker. Even though that sounds good, it’s nowhere near as impressive as his nearly $90 million in earnings while playing in the NFL.

Seymour had built his chip stack up to over $3.6 during the event but he was forced to fold a few hands that cost him a majority of his chips. Feeling as if he needed to make a move, he went all-in with a weak hand of king of hearts & 4 of diamonds. He ultimately lost to a 3-of-a-kind.

Living Up to the Hype: KAOS is the Future of Las Vegas


Opening weekend of KAOS Day Club and Nightclub came and went, but many party-goers are still buzzing after the historical headliners and beautiful venue. Cardi B. Travis Scott, Marshmello and The Zac Brown Band all performed the much anticipated opening of Las Vegas’ newest mega club since Omnia Nightclub opened over 4 years ago. What KAOS was going to look like on the inside was a mystery to everyone but industry insiders so the level of anticipation was extremely high.


KAOS delivered on so many aspects. The venue is absolutely stunning. It is also functional, which may be its’ greatest asset. With a space that covers over 100,00 square feet it may have been a harder task than you may expect. The headliners, delivered impactful performances and connected with the audience in what felt like a very intimate venue despite its’ massive size. Finally, customer service from the minute you entered KAOS was second to none. The staff was obviously well trained. Many of the KAOS staff were hand-picked from other Las Vegas venues such as TAO Beach, Drais Nightclub and Hakkasan Nightclub. Enough can’t be said about how attentive and polite they all were.


KAOS also failed on a few aspects. We commended the staff on how we were treated once we were inside the venue. However, the process of getting in was not as impressive. There were people waiting to get in that purchased Cabanas and Daybeds with a minimum spend of over $10,000 waiting in a line that moved slower than general admission. General admission was also something left to be desired with a line as far as the eye can see snaking through the Palms Casino.

All in all, KAOS Day Club and Nightclub will be a force in the Las Vegas nightlife industry for years to come. Its impressive line up of A list performers and exquisite venue will allow it to dominate. Palms Hotel has rebounded from a second thought Hotel & Casino to a destination that will rival any of its’ Las Vegas Blvd competitors with additions such as KAOS, APEX and Shark, Bobby Flay’s newest restaurant.