Renting a Party Bus in Las Vegas? What to expect:

If you have a big group and want to experience Las Vegas in a new way, booking a party bus should be a top priority. If you’ve never booked a party bus, you may have some questions. We aim to answer those questions with this guide on how to get the most out of renting a party bus in Vegas. Whether you are looking to rent a party bus in Las Vegas for Airport Transfers, Club Hopping, Tours of the Las Vegas Strip, Prom, or Nights Out, here are 3 things you should know:

How Many People Does it Hold?

Party Buses come in many different sizes. For example, we have three options in our fleet. We have an 16 Passenger Party, a 28 Passenger Party Bus, and a 40 Passenger Party Bus. Our 40 Passenger party Bus is the biggest party bus in Las Vegas. Groups larger than 40 passengers should look to book multiple party buses and have the vehicles follow the same route (this is very common in Las Vegas). The best thing about party buses are their affordability. When you team up with a larger group, the cost per person becomes very reasonable.

What Amenities Should a Party Bus Have?

Each vehicle has its own unique qualities but any Las Vegas Party Bus should come equipped with a premium sound system with bluetooth smart phone connectivity, a premium lighting display, TV’s, limo style wrap around seating, and wet bars for ice and refreshments.

Party buses should be tall enough for you to stand up in, and walk about freely. Some party buses are equipped with stripper poles, this has become a very popular addition lately.

Feel free to bring any alcohol or mixers on board with you. We will provide ice, cups and bottled water.

Party Buses are the perfect mode of transportation for Bachelor and Bachelorette Parties in Las Vegas.

One of the most important thing to look for is a party bus with great air conditioning. The summer months in Vegas become almost unbearable during the day time and spending a few hours partying with friends in a party bus can be a fun retreat. Pro Tip: if you have flexibility, book your party bus when the sun goes down. The vehicle should be much cooler, as it doesn’t have to fight the summer sun.

Plan in Advance

Coming to Las Vegas during a busy weekend? Planning on having a really large group? Planning a corporate event, wedding, prom, or quinceañera? We can not stress enough the importance of making your reservation as soon as you know you are coming. Waiting until the last minute will only leave you frustrated as every party bus in Las Vegas gets sold out. Booking a Party Bus or Limo in Las Vegas, is probably cheaper than you’d expect. Most companies (including us) offer a 1 hour minimum to book on most rides that stay on the Strip. This is simply not the case in many of the other large markets in the United States where you could expect to be on the hook for 4 or 5 hours minimum. Pro Tip: Most Party Bus companies in Las Vegas allow you to cancel within a certain amount of time with a full refund.


Have a question that we didn’t cover? Feel free to leave a comment below and we will answer it!