Top 5 Hip-Hop Nightclubs in Las Vegas

Nightclubs in Las Vegas have been EDM heavy the last few years. The mega-clubs in Las Vegas have booked residencies with some of the top EDM DJ's, and that has changed the way that nightclubs operate. Calvin Harris, one of the top EDM DJ's in the world extended his residency with Omnia Nightclub inside Caesars Palace Hotel & Casino. This lucrative deal is worth approximately $280 million dollars, or a little more than $1 million dollars a night. Instead of charging patrons a cover charge, the nightclubs have gone to a ticket system. Tickets go for at least $50 per person, this allows nightclubs to both judge how busy the nightclub will be to set bottle service prices and to recoup Calvin Harris' pay. That being said, there are still plenty of clubs that play Hip-Hop. Also, Las Vegas still books top named Hip-Hop talent regularly. Lets take a look at the top 5 Hip-Hop nightclubs in Las Vegas:



Drais Nightclub at the Cromwell Hotel & Casino is dedicated to bringing in top flight talent as they view Hip-Hop are their niche. Performing live sets regularly are Future, 2 Chainz, Trey Songz and Lil Wayne, to name a few. Located on the roof of the hotel, Drais nightclub has one of the best views of the Las Vegas Strip. Drais is a very unique venue, the main dance floor, DJ booth and Stage are located indoors. While the party overflows to a beautiful outdoor space that has a pool lined by palmed trees. This outdoor space is also where they host their daily pool parties, which is also Hip-Hop heavy. Keep in mind that Drais nightclub is one of our regualr stops in our Nightclub Crawl which takes you to 3 of the best nightclubs Las Vegas has to offer in 1 night. For more info on our Nightclub Crawl, click here.


Ranked number 2 in our list of the 5 best Hip-Hop nightclubs in Las Vegas is Jewel Nightclub which is located inside tHe Aria Hotel & Casino. Jewel Nightclub is owned by the Hakkasan group which also owns heavy hitters such as Omnia and Hakkasan. While the Hakkasan group regularly books top EDM talent at those venues, it schedules some great Hip-Hop artists at Jewel. Some of those big names include Lil Jon, Lil Uzi Vert & Tyga who have live mini concerts in the venue. Couple that talent with one of the best venues in Las Vegas and you've got a winner.


Marquee Nightclub which is located inside the Cosmopolitan Hotel & Casino comes in at #3 or our list of the top 5 Hip-Hop nightclubs in Las Vegas. While Marquee used to be known as a strictly EDM nightclub it has changed its' ways in recent months. They have been playing more and more Hip-Hop sets to rave reviews. Don't get us wrong, Hip-Hip is not Marquee Nightclubs' only music, it still has some of the best EDM DJ's in the world, but its not limited to just EDM music anymore. We frequently include Marquee Nightclub as one of the stops in our Nightclub Crawl which goes to 3 nightclubs in 1 night. We also go to Marquees' pool party which is known as Marquee Dayclub on our Pool Party Crawl


We rank Chateau Nightclub which is in the Paris Hotel & Casino as our #4 Hip-Hop nightclub. While the main dance floor which is located inside is the focal point of the nightclub, the outdoor space is just as much fun. Drink and dance the night away to some amazing music which includes- Hip-Hop, Top 40 and EDM. You can party the night away under the Eiffel Tower while looking out at the wold famous Bellagio fountains. Simply put, Chateau Nightclub is fun. Keep in mind that we often stop at Chateau Nightclub on our Nightclub Crawls. 


Last but certainly not least on our countdown is Light Nightclub in the Mandalay Bay Hotel & Casino. We love Light Nightclub because every night is a show. It has arielists, dancers and amazing bartenders. While it may be one of the smaller nightclubs on this in terms of size, it makes up for it in fun. Rick Ross, Ludacris and 50 Cent are all known to perform live sets on their main stage. They play a good mix of Hip-Hop, Top 40 and some EDM. With so much going on in the club, bottle service is recommended, and we can definitely help with that. If interested, click here.